Friday, August 14, 2009

My dream scrapbook room

Well here I am making another post for this day and this time I want to share with you my dream scrapbook room :) I currently don't own designated space to scrap since my apartments is really small so I do everything on the table I have between my kitchen and living room lol! I store some goodies in a shelf I bought from Home Depot...

And I store the papers and alphas in this box, I haven't even used some of them...

So wondering around some scrapbook room pictures I fell in love with this studio! This is Wendy Smedley's scrapbook room, she’s the Creative Editor of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine! Isn't it gorgeous? She has everything so organized and neat :)

I really like the room because my favorite color is light blue (actually any shade of blue) and the combination with the white desk and shelfs makes the place look cleaner and organized :) I also like the fact that there's enough light entering into this room, I don't like dark rooms because I feel like I'm in a cave lol

So how about you? How does your scrapbook room look like? Do you have a dream scrapbook room?
I hope that in a few months or years from now I can improve my scrapbook space.
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Gracias por participar en mi Candy ya estas anotadisima, suerte en el sorteo!

  2. I have the pantry... lol. with no window!

  3. I have the book that this scrap room picture is in. It details all of her organization. I used it to create my scrap room. Her space really is amazing! I wish you luck on getting your dream room. Thanks for following my blog!

  4. wow.. i would like to have a room just like that.
    thats totally what iam dreaming about

  5. I'm with you her room is so fantastic. I love the color of the walls.

  6. I would LOVE a room like this too - we can both dream together lol xxx

  7. Wow! I would so love a designated scrap space like that!

    Thanks for joining my blog. I've been having a little look around your blog and I think I may become a very regular visitor!

    xx Leish

  8. I do have a little designated area for my crafting but its not very big and storage space is limited. It is normally very messy and untidy and after doing the whats on your desk wednesday thingy where i took a photo and put it on my blog i actually felt a little embarrased afterwards so i decided to tidy it a couple of days ago and now i cannot find anything.. needless to say i shall not be doing it again.... things are much easier when its all over the place lol. Wendy's room is beautiful but i could never keep it that tidy.
    Love n hugs
    Vikki xx